Friday, 12 February 2010

Une Chanson Pour La Lutte

To help you find some coeur à l'ouvrage, we proudly present Defend UCL Modern Languages's very own battle hymn. Sing to the tune of 'My Old Man's A Dustman':

Henry has a hatchet
He's a UCL axe man
He's slashing up departments
Just as quickly as he can

We've looked at his proposal
It's really pretty poor
We've graded it at 10%
We couldn't give it more

Vague and inconsistent
Is old Henry's style
He could waffle on for England
And do it with a smile

'Cause Henry's got a deadline
The 31st of July
When our friends will be redundant
And he'll have other fish to fry

Old Henry's in a hurry
And Henry's on the loose
If you ask what him he's up to
He'll say something obtuse

And when September comes around
The few office staff remain
They'll struggle with the workload
'Til they're reorganized again

'Cause in February Henry will do
More reorganization
With lots of his famous waffle
And more of that 'Consultation'

He says we won't need languages
To work in the new division
Dumbing down of language skills
Is part of Henry's vision

He doesn't want our language teachers
Nor those on specialist lit.
No Bovary, Brunhilde, Buffo, Buendia, B--(Dutch) or B-- (Scan)
Isn't he a Sssshh-muck!!

He says the cuts will help research
That's what Henry says
But cuts leave lecturers in the lurch
This is what WE says

Henry's sticking to his plan
Sticking through thick and thin
But we'll say Hoorah Henry
When he puts it in the bin!

Now you're downhearted
'Cause education's YOURS
Join the blog, wear the T-shirt, doorstep Henry
Rally to the cause!!

by Anon.

News and updates to be posted over the weekend.


  1. This is fantastic. We should get 100+ people singing this outside his office door.

    Serious suggestion.


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